Winix Air Purifier Red Light Blinking? Here’s How to Fix It

 If you’ve noticed that persistent red light on your Winix air purifier, you may initially feel a wave of anxiety – what does this mean? Is your air purifier malfunctioning? Do you need to do something to fix it? 

Don’t worry; the red light is not a sign of a serious problem but rather an indicator of the air quality or the filter status.

Today, we’ll explore what that blinking red indicator light means on Winix air purifiers and walk through exactly how to reset it after replacing filters. With a few easy maintenance tips, you can keep your Winix running optimally for cleaner, fresher indoor air. 

What Does the Winix Air Purifier Red Light Mean?

The Winix air purifiers have two indicator lights that can turn red – one for air quality and one for filter status. Understanding what these red lights mean can help you use your air purifier more effectively. 

1. Solid Red Air Quality Light

The solid red light indicates that the air quality in the room is poor and needs to be improved This could happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Cooking smoke or greasy air from the kitchen
  • Dust, pet dander, pollen, or other allergens in the environment
  • High levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Smoke from cigarettes, candles, or fireplaces

The Winix uses advanced sensors to sample the air quality and will turn the light red when pollutant levels exceed the acceptable threshold. 

To fix this, the air purifier automatically increases the fan speed in Auto Mode, ensuring faster and more efficient air cleaning. But you can also manually adjust the fan to a higher setting to improve air purification.

2. Blinking Red Filter Light

Seeing the blinking red light on a winix air purifier means it’s time for maintenance – the filter must be replaced. This is a crucial task to keep your purifier operating at peak performance and clean the air effectively.

The filter light serves as the Winix air quality indicator and tells that the current filter has accumulated too much dirt and dust over time and can no longer filter the air effectively. This light is a reminder to swap in a new filter after 12 months of use or sooner if needed.

The blinking light will persist until you reset the filter indicator after changing it. We’ll cover how to do that shortly. 

How to Fix Blinking Red Light on Winix Air Purifier

Step 1: Replace the Filter in Your Winix Air Purifier

Replacing the filter on a Winix air purifier is a straightforward process. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Turn Off and Unplug the Air Purifier. 
    Before replacing the filter, ensure the air purifier is turned off and unplugged from the power source. This will prevent any electric shock or damage to the device.

  2. Remove the Front Panel. 
    Gently pull the front panel forward from the top. This exposes the filters housed within the air purifier, pre-filter first in line.

  3. Remove the Pre-Filter and Both the Carbon and HEPA Filters.
    Locate the tabs on the top of the pre-filter, press them, and carefully pull out the filter. After removing the pre-filter, you’ll encounter the carbon filter. Gently pull it out, followed by the HEPA filter.

  4. Insert the New Filters. 
    Insert the new True HEPA filter into its designated space within the air purifier. Follow this by placing the carbon filter, ensuring both fit snugly and securely. Remove any plastic covers or protective layers around the filters to expose the filtration materials.

  5. Click the Pre-Filter Back and Reinstall the Front Panel.
    Align the bottom tabs of the pre-filter with their corresponding slots inside the air purifier. Press the top of the pre-filter until it clicks into place. Subsequently, slide the front panel back into its original position, ensuring alignment with the grooves or guides, and press firmly until it clicks into place.

  6. Plug in the Air Purifier and Turn it On.
    Plug the air purifier back into the electrical socket. Power on the device and observe its operation. Check the filter indicator to confirm it is off, indicating successful filter replacement.

Be sure to use genuine Winix filters as well for optimal compatibility. You can find replacement filters for all models on Winix’s store.

Step 2: Reset the Winix Air Purifier Filter Light

After you replace the air filter on your Winix air purifier, it is crucial to reset the filter light. This ensures the air purifier operates seamlessly and the filter replacement indicator provides accurate information. 

Follow these easy steps to reset the Winix air purifier filter light:

Control panel of Winix air purifier. Winix air purifier filter light reset button.

  1. Locate the filter reset button.
    The filter reset button is typically positioned near the filter replacement indicator on the top of the air purifier. It is a small hole with a reset icon.

  2. Press and hold the filter reset button.
    Once you’ve found the filter reset button, press and hold it for 5 seconds with the help of a paperclip or SIM ejector tool. A distinct beep sound will confirm a successful reset.

  3. Release the filter reset button.
    After hearing the beep, release the filter reset button. Check the filter light – it should now turn off.

Maintenance Tips for Your Winix Air Purifier

Proper maintenance keeps your air purifier running effectively for better air quality in your home. Follow these maintenance practices:

  • Change the filter as soon as the red indicator light blinks or at least every 12 months.

  • Check the filters are fitted correctly after each change. Improper installation can reduce airflow.

  • Use only genuine replacement filters from Winix or authorized dealers. Do not use counterfeit or incompatible filters that may damage or compromise your purifier’s performance.

  • Place the air purifier where there’s existing airflow, ideally near a door or window. Maintain a 20 cm distance from walls or furniture for efficient operation.

  • Adjust the mode (auto, sleep) and fan speed (low, medium, high, turbo) according to your needs. Auto mode works well for general everyday use.

  • Do not block the air inlet or outlet with objects or curtains. This can reduce the airflow and efficiency of the purifier.

  • Use the timer function to automatically run the purifier during peak pollution times. This will ensure that your purifier takes the stage precisely when needed.


At first glance, a blinking red light on your Winix can seem ominous. But now you know it’s just your purifier’s way of notifying you it’s time for some simple maintenance. Follow the filter replacement steps properly to get your Winix air cleaning machine back to its healthy, happy state. 

So next time you see a red light blinking, don’t worry! Just use the handy tips here to replace and reset those filters. Do that, and your Winix will keep working hard to fill your home with clean, fresh air for many years to come. Breathe easy, knowing your air purifier has got your back when you commit to simple, periodic maintenance.


What do the color-coded lights mean on Winix Purifier?

The color-coded lights on the Winix purifier represent the Air Quality Indicator. Red indicates poor air quality, amber signifies fair air quality, and blue light indicates good air quality.

How long do Winix filters last?

Winix filters typically last for about 12 months, depending on usage and air quality conditions. Regularly check and replace filters to maintain optimal performance.

Should I leave my Winix air purifier on all the time?

Yes, it is recommended to leave your Winix air purifier on continuously for tackling severe air pollution. According to the Winix Europe, “By leaving the air purifier on, the air quality will remain much cleaner and more constant, so that any triggers of allergies will be removed quicker.”

Can I wash my Winix carbon filter?

Yes, you can rinse the carbon filter under lightly running water. Avoid using detergent or soap. After rinsing, allow the filters to dry for 24 hours before reinstalling it. However, if the filter is beyond washable, it’s recommended to replace it with a new one for optimal performance.

What is Winix sleep mode?

Winix Sleep Mode is a feature that, when activated, disables the Air Quality Indicator LED light. Additionally, the fan speed is automatically set to a minimum speed, ensuring near-silent operation for a quiet and uninterrupted sleep environment. 

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