Homedics Air Purifier Red Light Blinking? Fixed!

Has your trusty Homedics air purifier suddenly started blinking a red light? This can be annoying and confusing, especially if you don’t know what it means or how to fix it. Don’t panic! – we’ve got your back!

That blinking red light is your purifier’s way of communicating an issue that likely requires attention. With some maintenance, you can get your air purifier humming along again, providing the fresh, purified air you and your family deserve. 

Read on to learn about:

  • What does the red light on your Homedics Air Purifier mean
  • How to fix the blinking red light
  • How to reset the Homedics Air Purifier Light Indicator

What Does the Homedics Air Purifier Red Light Mean?

So, take a deep breath, and let’s figure out what that blinking red light is trying to tell you! 

The red indicator light on Homedics Air Purifiers signals that some part of the machine needs your care and attention. Here are the two main reasons your device’s light may be flashing red:

1. The UV-C Bulb Needs Replacement

Homedics models feature a UV-C light bulb that works to destroy airborne pathogens that pass through the purifier. This bulb plays a critical role in disinfecting the air of viruses, bacteria, and molds for healthier indoor air quality. It is designed to last around 10,000 hours.

Over time, the UV-C bulb may reach the end of its lifespan, leading to the initiation of the red-light flash on the UV-C button. This red light indicates that the bulb requires replacement. 

So, when the light illuminates, don’t keep your purifier waiting – swap in a new UV-C bulb and let the air-purifying magic resume.

2. It’s Time for Filter Replacement

The true workhorse of any air purifier is its filter system. Homedics models use an ALL-IN-ONE HEPA-TYPE FILTER that attracts allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke particles and traps them so they’re not recirculated in your home’s air.

When this filter gets clogged up with debris and particles, it can’t function properly. After that, the replace filter light will illuminate. Typically, this indicator activates after approximately 12 months of use. However, in households with pets or located in dusty environments, the air filter may need to be replaced sooner.

Remember, taking the time to check and change the filter when needed guarantees that your air purifier operates at its best, providing you and your family with consistently fresh, purified air.

How to Fix Blinking Red Light on Homedics Air Purifier

Now that you know the cause of the blinking red light, let’s get into the solutions. 

Solution 1: Replace the Filter

Here are the step-by-step instructions for the filter replacement process in your Homedics Air Purifier:

  1. Turn Off and Unplug the unit.
    Turn off and unplug the air purifier from the electrical outlet to ensure safety during the replacement process.

  2. Remove the Grille Cover.
    Now, locate the indents on each side of the grille cover. Gently but firmly, pull the indents outward to release and remove the grille cover, exposing the internal components of the air purifier.

  3. Extract the Old Filter.
    Identify the filter tabs. These are typically located near the center of the filter. Pull these tabs to release and remove the old HEPA-type filter from its position.

  4. Insert the New Filter.
    Now, let’s bring in the new HEPA-type filter. Ensure the filter tabs are facing outward. Align the filter properly with the filter cavity, ensuring a snug fit.

  5. Reattach the Grille Cover.
    After installing the new filter, realign the tabs located at the bottom of the grille cover with the corresponding slots at the base of the air purifier. Carefully push the grille cover back into place until you hear a distinct clicking sound, indicating that it is securely attached.

  6. Turn the Air Purifier On.
    Plug the power cord back into a standard AC outlet and turn the air purifier on to initiate the purification process.

Note: Always use the genuine Homedics replacement filter.

Solution 2: Replace the UV-C Bulb 

When it’s time for a change, the UV-C button on your control panel will give you a heads-up by flashing red. Here are the 6 easy steps to replace the UV-C bulb:

  1. Turn Off and Unplug the Air Purifier.
    Begin by turning off and unplugging the air purifier.

  2. Pull Out the Hepa Type Filter.
    Follow the steps mentioned above to carefully remove the grill and the air filter.

  3. Remove the Cover of the UV-C Bulb.
    After removing the HEPA-type filter, you’ll see the cover of the UV-C bulb with 2 screws on top. Unscrew them using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Now, place the cover aside.

  4. Extract the Old Bulb.
    Gently exert pressure from the sides while simultaneously rotating the UV-C bulb to facilitate its removal.

  5. Install the New Bulb.
    After removing the existing UV-C bulb, install the new one. Now, systematically reinstall the UV-C bulb cover, HEPA-type filter, and grille cover.

  6. Power Up Your Air Purifier.
    Plug the air purifier back into the electrical outlet and turn it on. The UV-C button should now be blue, indicating successful UV-C bulb replacement.

Note: Never operate the unit with the UV-C cover removed. Use only genuine Homedics UV-C replacement bulbs.

How to Reset Homedics Air Purifier Indicator Light

Whether you’ve recently swapped out the air filter or upgraded the UV-C light in your Homedics air purifier, one crucial step remains – resetting the light indicator. The red light may not turn off if you don’t reset the indicator. So, let’s do this!

  • Locate the Reset Button.
    Look for the ION button on the control panel of the unit.

  • Press and Hold.
    Press and hold the reset (ION) button for 3 seconds until the filter light turns off.

  • Reset Complete.
    Your air purifier is now reset and ready to clean the air effectively.


A blinking red light on your Homedics air purifier is a call for some quick maintenance, not a major cause for panic. In most cases, replacing a worn-out UV-C bulb or dirty air filter will regain your unit functioning at full capacity.

By understanding what the red indicator lights signify and following the outlined steps, you can swiftly get your air purifier back to work purifying the air. After replacement, reset the indicator light so the red alarms deactivate.

Don’t let Homedics air purifier blinking red light intimidate you – implementing these troubleshooting steps will improve your indoor air quality by ensuring your purifier works at its peak efficiency.


How do you reset the filter light on a Homedics air purifier?

After you’ve swapped out the True HEPA filter on your Homedics air purifier, just press and hold the ION Button for 3 seconds. Once you hear a friendly chime and see the light turn off, you’re all set – the filter indicator has reset.

Can I clean the Homedics HEPA filter?

Absolutely, you can clean the HEPA-type filter of your Homedics air purifier. But remember, no dunking it in the water! A gentle vacuuming or brushing off the surface does the trick. Keep it dry, and your air purifier will keep working effectively.

How often should I replace the UV-C bulb in my Homedics air purifier?

The UV-C bulb in your Homedics air purifier lasts around 10,000 hours. When you notice the red-light blinking, it indicates that the bulb has reached the end of its usual lifespan and it’s time to replace it. 

What should I do if the red-light issue lingers after replacing the UV-C bulb and the air filter?

If the red blinking light persists even after changing to a new UV-C bulb and air filter., don’t worry. First, double-check that you’ve properly followed the replacement steps outlined in this blog post. If the issue persists, contact Homedics customer support for assistance. 

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